This tool resolved a problem which annoyed me since the beginning of this year. for important text files (and of course .txt and .ini) which are all opened by the same program . and .ini had the same file icon – and i did not find a method to change that. File types that are not registered with the system and files that have no extension are assigned a generic icon from shell32.dll,0 by default. The unknown or generic icon for unregistered file types and extensionless files can be customized as per your choice so that you don’t have to see the boring icon anymore. Select the file extension for which you want to change the icon, in the next screen. As the icon change is made to the ProgId txtfile in the registry, it also affects the other file extensions that use the same ProgId.

Step 3- Click the appropriate link to download the Installer. You can download the WAMP installer from the official WAMP server from the WampServer website.

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DLL files are system files that are mainly associated with Dynamic Link Library, according to, an online database of file extensions. DLL files contain a group of functions and/or device drivers that are activated by an application. Moreover, DLL files allow several programs to access system procedures by means of common libraries. DLL files can be opened, read and edited with software such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 and Resource Hacker. Furthermore, in a single application package, there is at least a single exe file.

  • A value of 2 indicates that the agent should notify the user prior to downloading updates.
  • To do that, you’ll need to create a new file class or ProgID for the file extension, and assign the default icon in the newly created file class.
  • See How to Back up the Windows Registry for help generating manual backups.
  • The following code is an example of a Win32 Application project that calls the exported DLL function in the SampleDLL DLL.
  • For this task, I prefer to use two offline registry editors.

Since XML configuration files are read-only, you don’t have to worry about multiple writers. The “faults” you’re attributing to the registry are really independent of the registry itself. They’re simply decisions various vendors have made about things like how to install their programs — if you stored the information in some other fashion/form/container, the same problems could remain. The registry is a hierarchical database manager — nothing more and nothing less. The Windows Registry Checker tool in Windows 98 backs up the registry file for you each time you boot up.

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The operating system continually addresses the registry at startup, runtime and shutdown. I want to know where is registry stored in windows 7? But have you ever wondered as to where these usernames and password get stored within your Windows?

The easiest way to do that is to use Ctrl-A while the folder is active. Go to View, and scroll down until you find “Hidden files and folders” listed. Windows Update works for the most part pretty reliable. It is an automated system of Microsoft’s Windows operating system that handles the downloading and installing of updates for the operating system. Just be sure that when you delete these potentially sensitive files, that you are deleting them permanently. If you want to give your computer a very thorough cleanup, you should consider going through any old documents and folders you have saved. With delivery optimization, Microsoft Windows doesn’t download an entire file from a single source on the internet.

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Keys within HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT or HKEY_USERS are supported. Other predefined root keys (e.g., HKEY_CURRENT_USER) are not currently supported. This module supplies the types and providers you’ll need to manage the Registry on your Windows nodes.

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